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Fleets of the Old World

"Man O'War is the game of raging battles across the seas of the Warhammer World. As the admiral of an ocean-going warfleet you must command your ships - squadrons of Ships of the Line and heavily armoured Men O'War - in the battle of supremacy of the high seas." (Man O'War rulebook, p. 4)

I have been playing Man O'War since 1993 (although not as often as I would like) when I bought the basic set from a friend. Most of the time I spent on the game has been building and painting the necessary miniatures. Since I could not afford to buy all the minis I needed and the game was discontinued fairly quickly, I resorted to building my ships from scratch. I used paper, tooth picks, match sticks and office clips and painted the resulting ships. You can take a look at the results of my efforts on these pages.

Disclaimer: Man O'War and the accompanying names are trademarks of Games Workshop and are used here without express permission. No challenge to their status is intended.

The fleets I have built and painted so far:

Cut-out Templates

Template section

I've drawn up some of my paper models as cut-out templates for other players to use. If you want to try it yourself, print these at 100% scale on cardboard paper (for the hull) and normal paper (for the sails), cut them out with scissors and/or a craft knife and glue them together.

Hopefully more are to come soon!

In case you are interested in the source files, the templates were drawn with Campaign Cartographer, a vector graphcis package by ProFantasy Software. You can download the source files (zipped) here:

To view and print these files you need a copy of Campaign Cartographer or the free viewer available from the ProFantasy website.

Man O'War on the web

There are only a few webpages on MOW out in the net and one of the best and most informative one is the group "The Sea of Claws". There you'll find active discussions, model pictures, new ships and rules, more links and tons of other stuff. There is also an active Facebook group for the game, and you can check out the game's entry on Boardgamegeek.

If you have any comments or questions concerning Man O'War or my ships, I would like to hear from you.

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